TILL HEAVEN THEN FOREVER by Linda Heavner-Gerald

Front Cover for Till Heaven Then ForeverTILL HEAVEN THEN FOREVER
Lily and Brian had it all or did they?  They had all of the world’s ideas of success.  Both of them were attractive.  Paradise was their home; it was a Caribbean oceanfront.  Each day they would walk the beach or island hop in their boat.  When all of that wasn’t enough, they purchased another home.  Lily knew that something wasn’t right.  They had it all, right?  Then why wasn’t she content?  Finally, she figured out what was missing.  Once Brian understood and they were both committed to a new life, things improved.  Later, as the years passed, they questioned how they could remain together until heaven then forever.
This is a compelling story with a twist to the ending.  It may be considered controversial by some.  Controversial or not, you will not soon forget, Till Heaven Then Forever.
Casual Author 4Linda Heavner Gerald now has five published novels.  Beaufort Betrayal, Rosemary Beach, Will He?, Dusty the Island Dog and Till Heaven Then Forever which is currently for sale with the publisher, Tate Publishing.com.  Due for release in February, it will be for sale with Amazon and all others.

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