ImageMa and Pa Cupid are a pair of spirits sent down to right a wrong Pa did.   Pa has to get three couples together and understand what love is all about for his sentence to be commuted.  With Ma’s help he’s on his third mission now accompanied by another spirit he has to mentor.  Ma has decided she’s getting two couples together this time around.  Pa and Stephen, the spirit he has to mentor, will take care of all the other stuff.  The trilogy outlines their assignments.
Cupid vs. O’Keefe 
Christy Cupid arrives at Cupid Lodge to find a surly caretaker, Mark O’Keefe in charge.  He’s amazed that a person who could not forgive her dying father has arrived lickety split to claim her inheritance.  Will she be able to convince him that she didn’t know her father was alive all this time?
Cupid’s Kiss

Bridget Cupid arrives at Cupid Lodge to see if she can trace the family who left her on the steps of St. Mary’s orphanage. Raised by nuns she is considering joining the Order herself.  At Cupid Lodge she meets Andrew Blackwell, an undercover crypto linguist and becomes embroiled in a situation fraught with danger and even more dangerous; finds herself getting in touch with new emotions.  Will she understand the importance of love?


Cupid’s Arrows

Lt. Laurel Cupid wakes up on base in Afghanistan with a gun beside her but no memory.  She’s charged and referred for a court martial and returns stateside to face trial.  Enter Commander Jacob Lightfoot, a psychiatrist who agrees to help Laurel.  As helps her cope with her situation, he finds himself falling in love with the combat camerawoman.  When her memory returns will she choose love over her work?



ImageGeeta Kakade was born in India and now lives in the USA.  An elementary school teacher, she started writing seriously after her youngest started kindergarten. Discovered through a national writing competition, her first book Faith, Hope & Love was published in 1990.


When she’s not writing, Geeta works on her diabetes (a career by itself), stares at the plants in her garden (sends them telepathic commands to grow), watches cooking shows (wishes she could make and eat that food), spends time with her grandchildren (learns from the 7 and 9 year old high tech gurus).  


Her other loves are travel, shopping for bargains and spending time with interesting people.


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