front 300dpi croppedDESCRIPTION:  A book of messages from the universe that explore ideas about healing, self development and the spiritual evolution of humankind.

 Have you ever wondered about the nature of existence, or where evolution is taking the human soul? Energy is the Power Evolution is the Glory, contains a series of messages and teachings on these subjects, given as channelled information, from beings of other dimensions. Some of these beings or intelligences have known life on earth, some have not, but they share an interest in the condition and evolution of humankind. The messages offer help and insights into the mechanics of channelled communication and deal with the complexities of energy and light.

There are teachings about self-development and healing, the function and care of the soul, the way to unity through thought, and the spiritual evolution of humankind. These mind-opening interactions show that humankind is part of, and becoming, something greater. Among the many communicators are personalities such as an Indian Chief, a Priestess, the Angelic Realm and a Fallen Leader. Others include a Collective Consciousness, Thought Communicators and a mysterious, powerful energy known as, The Oracle.

These fascinating messages and teachings are sure to provoke some thought and comment, perhaps open minds to alternative possibilities and even bring about some life changing revelations. They do not claim to provide all the answers but they can bring hope of stimulating more questions, thereby helping to nurture and expand the consciousness.


‘This book is a very good and broad take on our place in the universe and explains very well why we have chosen our path here and now on the earth.
I don’t think this is for a spiritual beginner as some of the info has obviously been acquired over a long period of spiritual development. I think it would be perfect for someone with prior knowledge and a slightly deeper universal and spiritual understanding.
I find some of these books just go over the same old things and it’s hard to find one with some original material presented. Some of the content i was pleasantly surprised with and was really drawn into when reading. I think over all it’s a very good addition to the genre and one that shouldn’t be missed.’


‘This is the first book I have ever read that takes you inside someones Group. It invites you in to read what transpired between a group of friends and their unseen companions in an open and unhindered way. So many groups are held where like minded people meet regularly to sit and develop their own spirituality. This book seems to take the reader further than that. It seems to take you out of yourself and beyond all realms of pre processed thought. This book may be a little hard for the beginner to get into. However I feel it has something for everyone who has an enquiring mind and who wishes to step beyond the boundaries sometimes imposed on one when developing in this field. I have read this book and left it for a while, then picked it up again and found yet another pointer or answer. I feel this one will be with me for sometime to come. Each time I ask a question this book seems to hold an answer. Very interesting and provides food for thought.’

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