UP by Brian P Swift

ImageUp is the creation of the author in which he shares his personal paradigm for mental, emotional, and spiritual recovery and facing the challenges of life as quadriplegic. It is the author’s hope to inspire those with similar injuries and give hope to their medical caregivers, family, and loved ones.
Brian’s neck was broken while playing football with his friends on the sunny, chilly day after Christmas, 1979, at the age of seventeen. As he found the courage and strength to recover, graduate from high school, earn his college degree, and earn his Juris Doctor degree as a quadriplegic, he also found his purpose: to achieve more than expected, and to aspire to the best he can be.
Now the father of three and a husband of over 26 years, Brian has developed his strategy of success, CIA: Commitment, Integrity, and Attitude. With his engaging style and practical wisdom, Brian will leave you invigorated to face your own struggles with hope, faith, and purpose!
“His story is one that is touching, heart warming, inspirational and quite simply amazing. His over-coming-all-odds story is one movies are made of. His Christian faith and Catholic upbringing are what gives him drive and hope. Brian is by far, one of the most inspirational people I have ever known. Quite simply, I would describe Brian as a brilliant man with a heart of gold and a wicked sense of humor.
Kevin Brown; Focus on the Family
Brian will leave you invigorated to face yourand purpose
I was born in 1962 in the city of Chicago. After living in the city of Chicago for six years we move right outside the city to the suburbs. I attended parochial grammar and high school. Growing up sports and outdoor activities like hunting and fishing were a big part of my activities. The day after Christmas my senior year of high school I broke my neck playing football. I broke my neck at the C6 level making me a quadriplegic.
I graduated from St. Xavier College with a degree in criminal justice and a business minor. While in college I started coaching football and basketball at the grammar school I played at and attended. After college I went on to DePaul Law School.  I was the Regional Negotiating Winner, representing DePaul University, College of Law, in the National competition.
Physical therapy continued through all of my educational endeavors. Near the end of law school I started playing wheelchair sports.  I played wheelchair rugby for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and I swam for Marian joy Rehabilitation Institute.
I worked for a law firm for several years before getting a job in large sales company.
The first year I was awarded the rookie of the year for new sales and exceeding my objective.  After 4 years of exceeding objectives and being in the top 10% d sales professionals I was promoted into the training department.
I got married in 1989. I continued to play wheelchair sports, coach and work full time.  In 1994 we adopted our first son. We have three adopted children, one locally, one from China and one from Guatemala.
While in the training department I hired, trained, and developed a central telephone sales
 unit consisting of sixty Sales professionals and achieved a 16% net gain on a traditional
 “flat gain Market”.  I finished the number one telephone area in the company. I was asked
 to be a member of the Executive Development Program.
I was soon promoted to a district manager. I developed and lead 10 to15 account
executives responsible for 12 million dollars of annual revenue I won the
Distinguished Sales Performance Club (Top 10% of managers). The following year
I assumed the leadership role for one of the poorest performing telephone districts.
In one year the area achieved quota.  I was awarded the high performance award
for “Strategic Focus”. I assumed the leadership role for one of the poorest performing
premise sales areas in the company.  Within the year, the area finished the number one
premise team.
After 16 years of successful corporate sales, training and leadership I stepped
away from my division managers position. I have been blessed to be a part of several
extremely successful start up small businesses. I am always looking for opportunities
to challenge me.

I enjoy my ability to volunteer time to several non profit
organizations that are doing wonderful things for less fortunate people.
The organizations are My Angles with Paws, they train service dogs for the disabled.
The Christopher & Dana Reeves foundation.

I continue to coach and I have time to
invest into my family creating a better relationship with God. 

I finished writing my first
book and had it published.
        Book link is brianpswift.com

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