Death on a Dig by Lois Browne

DeathonaDigWhen a neighbour begs Gwen Madden to drop everything and head to Mexico to search for her daughter, missing from an archaeological dig, Gwen has her own compelling reasons for accepting the challenge.

Within 24 hours she is in the Oaxaca Valley tracking Alicia Lester’s last known activities and trying to sort the truth from lies about a trove of stolen artifacts. Did it play a role in Alicia’s disappearance?

Archaeologist Grant Freel is one of those who believes Alicia left the dig of her own accord, but Gwen convinces him otherwise and enlists his help. 

Before long, Gwen finds herself with more challenge than she bargained for. Many people who once shrugged off the idea of a treasure now seem to be actively engaged in looking for it, and people have begun to die.

The motive for murder isn’t clear to her nor to the police, which is why Gwen is counted among the suspects. Unable to leave while the official investigation is underway, Gwen sees no reason to cease asking her own questions, even when it becomes apparent she may be the next one to die.

Debbie Krenzer gave it 4 stars on Goodreads:
This story had all the elements to make it very interesting. Good character development and lots of plot twists.

When a girl goes missing in Mexico, Gwen, recently an empty nester is talked into going to find her. Along the journey she discovers a tale of missing cache of ancient figurines (or is it a tale?), murder and clues to the missing girl.

The story was very well written and kept my interest. I was surprised that this was a debut novel. It had the feel of a much more mature writer.

I would highly recommend this book. 
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