Dead or Alive Agent Orange by Mary Rincon

Dolores Ayotte reviewed Dead or Alive Agent Orange
 Innocently captivating! May 24, 2013

Author Mary Rincon has a wide variety of published books ranging from inspirational, to children’s and fictional novels as well. Although, “Dead Or Alive Agent Orange” is classified as a fictional novel, I sense that it holds many truths for this lover of writing and reader of books.

Mary Rincon is passionate in her efforts to share her life and her love of books. This novel is dedicated to her husband, children, and to her father who was the inspiration behind it. He died as a result of his exposure to Agent Orange. Herbicide Orange was combined with Agent LNX during the Vietnam War to kill the foliage on trees so that the guerillas could be more easily seen. This chemical warfare was a strategy used by the US military. The long term side effects of this chemical caused much suffering and subsequent deaths. Mary Rincon’s father was a Sargeant in Vietnam who was exposed to Agent Orange. He is believed to have died from its devastating ill side effects. His death deeply affected this author.

Author Mary Rincon writes in a innocent and compelling style in her fictional novel to express the grief and turmoil in the life of June who has lost her beloved dad in the much the same way. I would guess that writing this novel was very therapeutic for her. I believe this impetus urged her to share her works with a variety of readers as she has every desire to inspire others along the path of life.


Mary Rincon is Married with Six Children of her own and Three by her Marriage ,She resides in Southern California .

She is a Prolific Author Loves to write Children Books .

She has spent most of her time working in Nursing Homes as a Nursing Assistant ,She has a heart an compassion and passion for people .


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