Bumpy Roads by Brian Wilson

Bumpy Roads – A Collection of Short Stories by Brian Wilson

Image Bumpy Roads- Fasten your seat belts and prepare to travel down the bumpy roads of life. 35 entertaining short stories based in 8 countries; some with humour and others thought provoking. Hold on tight as you approach the surprise twists and remember that most accidents are caused by the nut behind the wheel!

Bumpy Road – a collection of short stories.

This book follows on from Brian’s first book- Moments in Time- 30 short stories written following the Christchurch, New Zealand, earthquakes.  It includes stories of post-earthquake Christchurch and the bumpy roads Christchurch people have to literally and figuratively travel down, as well as other humorous and thought provoking stories based in other countries. Many have surprise twists.

The book also includes five stories from a guest author-Rachel Coop.

Author Bio:


ImageI am a New Zealand writer who likes to travel. I have recently returned from China and Japan and stories based in these countries feature in my new book-Bumpy Roads, just released.


Both Moments in Time and my new book are available in electronic format, soft and hard cover from most internet book retailers. My book is also available in a number of libraries world-wide. I found China to be an interesting country; the first communist country I have visited. I was most surprised to find it was not what I expected, but find out more in Bumpy Roads. This book also includes other countries I have visited including: England, France, Italy, Zimbabwe, Australia and New Zealand.

 My website is: http://brian-d-wilson.com/

Authors site:http://www.amazon.ca/Bumpy-Roads-Brian-Wilson/dp/1490713271

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