Restitution by Tess C Frey

ImageTess begged to matter. It was only when Rebecca showed up, beaten and bruised, in the ditch that ran between their homes that Tess realized; she wasn’t the only one. Together they build a bridge back to the little girls within them they’d had to leave behind to survive. A murder, an adoption, and years of homelessness later … the two girls discover that against the odds – nothing is ever in vain. Finding love starts with purpose. Have you ever desired in your heart of hearts to be needed, wanted, loved and validated? Join the journey with Tess and Rebecca and you just might find out that there is a way. One you never expected.

 Title:  Restitution
 Genre: Nonfiction/Memoir
 review or two: By 
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This review is from: Restitution (Paperback)

From the start of this story, you already feel that you are inserted into Tessie’s heart, which is indeed battered and I ached for her stolen innocence. To trust as a child is easy. To trust someone who is supposed to represent holiness should be even easier. To have that trust taken so young is horrendous. A dark, compelling journey into the trauma of abuse, Restitution describes the paramount feelings of pregnancy and abortion, adoption and the decisions Tess makes regarding her future with her baby. This was very realistic and I felt so connected to her pain. She put up with so much. (I wanted to slap Billy, just like Tess did!) The settings were easily conjured up in my mind so I could picture being right there with the characters,especially the teen scenes, which is something I must have in a book! The author portrays beautifully how a victim’s life is changed drastically, but reminds us that everyone around him or her is changed as well. Reading her “thoughts” was a great addition to the story. Tess is an incredible survivor and a heroine too, when all is said and done. Bravo, Ms. Frey!

5.0 out of 5 stars Nothing is ever in vain!!, August 28, 2013
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Restitution (Paperback)

For anyone who has suffered at the hands of someone else…for those whose pain and abuse has been swept under the rug and ignored…for those who have struggled to believe that it was not their fault….I highly encourage you to read this novel written. Take back what was right fully yours to begin with….your innocence….and realize that “Nothing is in Vain!” Everything we endure makes us who we are. All too often, we suffer at the hands of abusers, but then the life that is born from that is expected to just forget. Tess writes of her abuse and struggles, but shows we can all have Restitution! This book encourages all of us to make the journey across the bridge, and shows us the freedom that awaits us on the other side. This is not an easy book to read…it will rip your heart out piece by piece. But, by the end, it shows us that we each have the power within ourselves to piece it back together, stronger than ever!!

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