Don’t Cry Over Killed Milk by Stephen Kaminski

ImageJeremiah Milk lived a life filled with emotional extremes. Amniotic band syndrome—a congenital condition—left his fingers and toes malformed. Ridiculed as a child, he became an adolescent hermit. As an adult, Jeremiah’s wounds healed when he landed a position as a park ranger and married a woman who loved him despite his physical appearance. But fate ripped his life to shreds when his wife and infant son died on the same night in separate calamities. Shortly thereafter, the tides turned once more as an act of Jeremiah’s ostensible benevolence translates into a financial boon. The book on Jeremiah’s life closes without mercy when he’s found murdered at Tripping Falls State Park.

Damon Lassard—Hollydale’s loveable civic leader, amateur sleuth, and Jeremiah’s neighbor—springs into action. He’s obstructed by a prickly lieutenant, but wriggles information unknown to the police from a colorful bevy of suspects. Aided by his best friend Rebecca and his reluctant ally Detective Gerry Sloman, Damon engineers a deep dive into Jeremiah’s past to solve the crime. Along the way, Damon strengthens his relationship with the breathtaking Bethany Krims, cracks a local horticultural mystery, and tries in vain to tame his wickedly sarcastic mother.

Join Damon Lassard in his latest adventure, Don’t Cry Over Killed Milk. Sample Review (from author Kate Eileen Shannon):

I decided to read a few pages last evening to see if the book was worth reading. I didn’t put it down until I finished it at 4 a.m. It is well written. The characters are well drawn. The plot is… well put it this way, as Damon starts to unravel the why of the murder, it is positively diabolical. Damon is described in the story as having a rampant curiosity and at 31 has no obligations such as a job or family to keep him from pursuing that which he is curious about. And he goes about it in such a slow easy going way. Picking up a fact here, making a supposition there, how might it fit together? And he has a way about him that makes people willing to talk to him. There is also a hint of romance. And there is humor – while solving the murder, Damon also solves the mystery of the insect infestation affecting the local homeowners’ crepe myrtle shrubs. In other words, a perfect cozy. I am going to get the first book in the series, IT TAKES TWO TO STRANGLE, and I will be sure to read the next and all the future books in the Damon Lassard Dabbling Detective series. You DO want to read this book!



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