Cookin’ for Cures by Angie Andrews

Cookin-for-Cures-by-Angela-Andrews~100XCookin’ for Cures is a cook book with a big difference. It helps people learn how to use the aloe vera they have in their garden in drinks and food to gain great health. At the age of eleven my dog was very sick with liver cancer and bad arthritis. So I syringed aloe vera into her mouth three times a day. In six months her cancer was gone, and in twelve months her arthritis was gone too. In November she will be seventeen years old and is very healthy.

I tried drinking it myself and in six months my arthritis was also gone, so was my cold sores (I used to get them three or four times a year). My eczema was also a distant memory it has been six years and still no sign of the arthritis, cold sores or eczema. There are many testimonials in the book of people that were not given much hope by their doctors but after trying this they are now 100% healthy.

But there are many things that we need to know about this plant like which type, as there are 400 species. How old should the plant be? Or how do you get the bitter taste out of it? After fifteen years of research on this plant I have learnt many things to make it easy for others to use to gain great health.

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