Reaper by Seth Gruner

ImageLooking for fast paced, non stop action and excitement? Do you enjoy modern fiction involving angels, demons, vampires, Death itself immortals and humans thrown into the middle? Look no further.
Description :
Throughout the span of mankind’s existence, Death has only had one objective: utilize the Scythe of Death to give souls safe passage to the afterlife. This single, ongoing, mission was all the Reaper had ever known and it seemed as though it would be all it ever did know. However, should the Scythe of Death be taken out of the equation, Death would no longer be able to help souls carry on to the afterlife.
This is exactly what happens when Azazel, Lucifer’s right hand demon, escapes the confines of Hell and is sent to steal the Reaper’s Scythe. Upon stealing the Scythe, Azazel is in control of all the powers that Death once possessed. It is not long before Azazel finds his way to Earth and Lucifer’s plans begin to take action.
To save mankind, Heaven and existence entirely, the Reaper must embark on an intense mission of search and destroy. With the help of humans, as well as the immortal protectors of Earth and even Heaven itself, the Reaper accepts and begins this mission. Death itself is granted life and begins to track down the demonic monster that plans to terrorize mankind.
ImageSeth Gruner uses two key devices in the telling of this epic, adrenaline inducing tale. Firstly, he uses vast descriptiveness, though not slow or dry, which allows the reader a perfection visualization of the current scene.
Secondly, he invokes heavy emotion to the readers by telling every detail of why a character is feeling the way they are. Instead of just saying the emotion that they feel, he explains every thought that is running through their mind, along with the memories attached to their reactions and more!
Don’t pass this one by!
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