Anything You Ask by Lynn Kellan

Convincing her to love him was the only he could come home…but could she love a deaf man with too many secrets?

Widow Danielle Cooper doesn’t know how she’ll support her two young sons and 400 acre farm. Her deaf brother-in-law offers an unusual solution. He’ll pay off her debt in exchange for the deed. She agrees to a temporary marriage to transfer the

farm, but can she trust a man with too many secrets?

Thrown off the farm by his father, Hale vows to reclaim the land he grew up on. Helping Danielle provides a perfect way to redeem himself, but Hale’s feelings complicate matters. He wants to make their marriage a real one. Problem is, she won’t

tolerate any more secrets, and he can’t tell her why his family disowned him.

Whenever Hale touches her, she doesn’t hurt any more. Is he the man she should’ve chosen years ago? Now there is more on the line than just the farm. Can she love a man who might not ever tell her the truth about his painful past?

Review info: 5 star review and “top pick” at The Romance Reviews and 30 5 star reviews on Amazon
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Title: The Strong, Silent Type

Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance Novella (set during Christmas and New Year’s)
 His scars left him dead inside…until she moved next door.
Tina Hudson loves that her sales job covering the mid-Atlantic region takes her away from the empty house and memories of the husband she lost to cancer. Now she’s tired of running from her loneliness. Tina suspects her brawny neighbor has been leaving single red roses in her mailbox, but he’s the strong, silent type-the kind that should come with a warning label.
For the past two years, Wade Scott has felt dead inside over the loss of his son and the disintegration of his marriage. When Tina moves in next door, Wade comes alive again. Problem is, she’s a beautiful sales whiz and he’s an ordinary plumber with a wicked scar along his temple. With little hope of attracting her attention, he showers her with anonymous acts of kindness.
New Year’s Eve is approaching and Tina invites Wade for dinner. The knowledge Wade is the guardian angel who’s been watching over her for the past six months complicates her future. Should she jump at a new job offer that will keep her busy enough to forget her loneliness, or take a chance the strong, silent type might fill her heart-and her home-with love?
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Author Bio:
Lynn Kellan has fallen in love with bad boys, burly athletes, and battle-hardened Marines. All of the research produced a startling revelation: men and women aren’t that different. We both want to be with someone who will empty the dishwasher. All of her books contain a hearty dose of love and humor, necessary ingredients for a happily ever after.
“Lynn Kellan’s plot pulled me in and held my attention throughout and her convincing use of emotional drama, offset by warm family scenes, compelled me to complete this wonderful tale in a single sitting. This was my first time reading this author’s work, but I am eagerly looking forward to the opportunity to read more from Ms. Kellan, as she really knows how to pull the heartstrings.” – Five star TOP PICK review from

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