Wisdom and Enlightenment of the 21st Century


Murtuza-Maretizo_CoverWhat Is the Answer to ‘Enlightenment in the 21st century?’


Man has two ever-burning questions: What is truth and what is good? Both have been monopolized by science and religion, so nothing can be taken for granted. Each of us must keep asking, “What is truth and what is good?” We must not halt at our current level of understanding, because there is always more to learn, whether it’s knowledge or ethics.


Manesiro Shaheri Maretizo writes about time, space, the cosmos, and man-woman relationships, as well as his research on the history of India, Muslims, and the United States, and how together we can make a better world for everyone. With an ever-burning desire for knowledge and truth, and having evolved from the same organisms, there is no justification for gender and caste inequalities.


We have evolved so we can look after the interests of the whole living world, its nature and environment. We must work to end the exploitation of animals, the plunder of natural resources, and eliminate pollution. Doesn’t everyone need Wisdom and Enlightenment in the 21st Century?

Watch the video on the attached pdf or at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNZCzieFz-g


WISDOM AND ENLIGHTENMENT IN THE 21ST CENTURY (ISBN: 978-1-62516-464-3) is now available for $12.50 and can be ordered through the publisher’s website:

http://sbpra.com/ManesiroShaheriMaretizo or at www.amazon.com or www.barnesandnoble.com.


Murtuza_Mirza_as_Manesiro_Shaheri_Maretizo_PhotoWHOLESALERS: This book is distributed by Ingram Books and other wholesale distributors. Contact your representative with the ISBN for purchase. Wholesale purchase for retailers, universities, libraries, and other organizations is also available through the publisher; please email bookorder@aeg-online-store.com.

About the Author: Manesiro Shaheri Maretizo is a retired medical doctor in India. He hopes for “a better world, where all human beings are equal and loving.” This book further elaborates the views expressed in the author’s earlier book Sharda Herstory of Cruelty, which was written to show the suffering, hatred, and folly of human beings.

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2 thoughts on “Wisdom and Enlightenment of the 21st Century

  1. We all have our roots in the Light that created us all, whether you call it God, Creator Source, Mother God, Father God, Krishna or whatever. It’s time for humanity to grow up and express its Higher Nature and come out of the darkness of wars, impoverishment, lust, selfishness and anger.

    Anyone who contributes to our uplifment is a welcome positive anchor in a swirling sea of negativism


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