Key To It All by Jenifer Rubloff

KeytoAll cover pressKey To It All

A Betsy Butters Book

When American teen detective Betsy Butters has only weeks remaining in her Swiss boarding school, Château Mont Blanc, she is more concerned with recovering art and other valuables stolen by the Nazis in WWII than in studying for final exams.

Quite by accident, Betsy witnesses something off campus that is the catalyst for her quest to discover the truth about what is going on within her school.

Inspector Bernard of the Swiss Federal Police is alerted to her concerns, and she enlists a school mate and off campus acquaintances to help find explanations for her nagging questions.

While Betsy concentrates on her personal detecting, professional investigations are underway in several countries and threaten to expose criminal activities involving the person that Betsy is investigating.

 As the final days of school approach, the threats to Betsy intensify, and she realizes that she might have more than one adversary. Encouraged by this sign that she is onto something really important, Betsy risks everything to expose the truth before she leaves Switzerland.

What she discovers shocks and amazes everyone.   PURCHASE


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