The Guilty by Gabriel Boutros


Robert Bratt is a veteran defense attorney whose faith in the justice system, and the role he plays in it, wavers when his daughter’s best friend is raped and the rapist is acquitted. The rapist’s lawyer twisted the victim’s testimony around to make her look like she was the aggressor, and Bratt knows this is exactly what he would have done in his place. But his daughter hates all lawyers now, including him, and that causes him to question the way he has always practiced his chosen profession and the violent people he represents. Then, Jennifer Campbell, a devoutly religious woman, hires him to defend her son, Marlon Small, who is accused of a brutal double-murder. Small has an air-tight alibi but, despite Campbell’s protestations, Bratt’s instincts tell him it may be too good to be true. But Bratt’s drive to succeed, combined with his sympathy for the heartbroken mother, push him to defend the young man anyway. Can he continue to turn a blind eye to what his client might have done, and manipulate the truth as he so often has in the past, all in order to defend “The Guilty?” said: “From the first sentence to the last, The Guilty is completely captivating, sometimes hysterically funny, sometimes heartbreaking, ultimately heart healing. Each and every character is authentically drawn, and the central character, lawyer Robert Bratt, is a man serious readers will come to know, care for and even want to talk to as he goes through a serious moral crisis and ends up doing the right thing despite the cost to his career.” said: “Author Boutros has a winner here. The novel was a page turner right from the start. With the use of wry humour, Robert’s character and dialogue are believable. You sense the turmoil in Robert and want to hate him for what he does, but also feel sorry for his predicament. There are many minor characters in the novel which flowed seamlessly in the story. Boutros writing style and pace are comparable to some bestselling authors I’ve read recently. You quickly realize that his personal experience in the Canadian judicial system brings a familiarity to the ins and outs of the courtroom action. The Guilty is Boutros’s first novel. I can’t wait to read his next one” said: “This book represents a brilliant courtroom drama and is brought alive by the creative skill of a formidable new author, and glued by the fact that Gabriel Boutros actually practiced criminal law for twenty four years…I highly recommend this book as it not only successfully enacts a tense courtroom battle but also brings into play the hidden emotions of the main defence lawyer.”

ImageThe book can be bought through, or website, storiesbygabrielboutros.

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