Roxana’s Revolution by Farin Powell

roxana-image2Roxana’s Revolution, Book Description

When the media frenzy over the hostage crisis of 1979 worsens and anti-Iranian sentiment surges all over the United States, Roxana, a Wall Street attorney has no choice but to return to Iran. During a stop in Paris, she reunites with her two childhood friends and meets Steve Radcliff, an American reporter with a tenacious attraction to her. Back in Tehran, where circumstances are nothing less than volatile, Roxana learns that revolutions while exciting and historic on pages of a book are painful to endure. As one crisis after other spins out of control, the government imposes wearing of a mandatory veil. This harsh revolutionary rule and Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Iran diminish Roxana’s hope to have a normal life. She rejects Steve’s marriage proposal and refuses to leave Iran with him. But a near- death experience and loss of her freedom in a border- sealed Iran propel her to enter a marriage doomed from its inception.

In this novel, an Iranian woman’s life comes full circle as she takes a journey through Europe, and back to the United States, where she senses that the ghost of the hostage crisis still lingers. A dire situation takes Roxana back to Paris where a life-altering surprise is waiting for her.


“An ambitious novel of an Iranian woman’s personal and professional struggles during a time of war and unrest…Powell does a good job of capturing the intense emotions of a very dramatic time…a captivating plot with a well-developed protagonist.”

                                                                                                               —Kirkus Reviews

“I thoroughly enjoyed reading Roxana’s Revolution, a gripping story of individuals caught in events both inexplicable and out of control. We see the characters pulled between desire for something better for their beloved homeland and the growing knowledge that even worse is waiting for them, their friends, and their families. Eventually reality overwhelms, as it always does, even the most fervent hopes.

                                                                                                               —John Limbert

href=””>linkedinprofileAuthor’s Bio

     Farin is an accomplished attorney who has practiced international law before international courts, and arbitration tribunals in The Hague, Netherlands. She is presently doing appellate work before the DC Court of Appeals.

     She has worked as a reporter for two magazines and has published several short stories. Her book of Poetry, titled, A Piece of Heaven, published in 2009, has received good reviews and praise.

     Her new novel, Two Weddings has received five star rating from, and has been reviewed by some local newspapers and magazines. She has had two radio interviews. For the first interview that lasted for one hour visit her website at

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