Cat O’ 9 Tails – The Stolen Treasure by Mel Williams

Cat O' 9 TailsCat O’ 9 Tails – The Stolen Treasure

Genre – New Middle Grade Children/Adventure.

A faded, stained letter is the only clue BJ possesses in finding the missing treasure – his mother Jacqueline. 10 years ago, Jacqueline reluctantly left BJ at the shores of Putrid Bay

promising to return. Now 14 years old and still alone, BJ realises that now he must go in search for her.

The clues in the letter lead BJ to board the pirate ship Cat O’9 Tails, captained by the infamous Captain Keelhaul. But unfortunately for BJ the voyage is not smooth sailing. Brutal

punishments, bloody battles, luring Sirens impersonating his Mother, stinkbombs, skeletons and shipwrecks all leave BJ knowing that he has his work cut out for him.

Will BJ manage to be reunited with his Mother or will he end up walking the plank??

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promo photoAbout the Author:
Mel was born in Sydney, Australia and currently resides in Townsville in the Far North of Queensland. In her youth she performed professionally in the dancing and acting arena. Coming from a theatrical family she has always enjoyed writing which stems from her days teaching at her parents Youth Theatre. It was here she began devising short plays, monologues and dance dramas for 6-8 year olds. Now a “little”older with 3 children and a husband, who has the pleasure of working abroad in exotic countries, she has returned to her love of writing.

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