Heart-Strong by Bonnie McCune

heart-strong_cover_mccuneHeart-Strong (a novella)

Can a ditzy soccer mom with a young son, whose kindness often attracts the wrong type, be heart-strong enough to admit her love to right guy?

* * *

Headstrong. Rachel Kinsey fits the description perfectly. The divorced soccer mom may be ditzy and as sympathetic to losers as a charity, but she knows what she wants. A man completely different from her unreliable ex-husband and the outrageous characters she’s usually doomed to attract.

Enter Jim Landers, the ideal candidate. An accidental encounter introduces her to the tall, dark attorney who loves soccer and kids. The only problem? He’s not prepared for a ready-made family and a woman as comfortable as a beloved sweater rather than a beauty queen. A woman whose kindness, enthusiasm for life, and unguarded honesty may disturb a man who values order, perfection, and serenity. Jim turns to the flawless yet distant Donna as a substitute for Rachel.

She should show him how much he means to her, but rejection from an absent father and a capricious ex-husband may have ruined Rachel’s ability to connect to Jim Will she risk herself, her son and their future by revealing how much Jim means to her?

A touching, tender tale full of gentle humor, about thinking too much and feeling too little. Rachel must learn to be heart-strong in order to find her soul mate.


Amazon link http://tinyurl.com/an28ew2
Prism Book Group link http://prismbookgroup.com/Heart-strong.html
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Twitter: @BonnieMcCune
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bf.mccune
Website: http://www.BonnieMcCune.com
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“As always, Bonnie McCune’s characters are wonderfully human, funny and oh-so-easy to identify with.”

“Bonnie McCune has written a humorous, provocative story, complete with loveable characters, about falling in love in real life. ”

“Heart-Strong is a touching tale about the trials of finding one’s soul mate in today’s world.”

“Hurrah for the woman with the less-than-perfect face and figure who, in the end, wins the heart of the handsome man.”

Author bio:

B CU 2Bonnie McCune has been writing since age ten, when she submitted a poem to the Saturday Evening Post (it was immediately rejected). This interest facilitated her career in nonprofits doing public and community relations and marketing. Simultaneously, she freelanced news and features in local, regional, and specialty publications. For years, poverty and motherhood made her enter recipe contests with money as prizes, and she once was a finalist once to the Pillsbury Cook Off. A current special love is live theater. Had she been nine inches taller and thirty pounds lighter, she might have been an actress. For reasons unknown (an unacknowledged optimism?), she believes that one person can make a difference in this world. This explains her involvement with service organizations. It probably accounts for her writing romances, in which endings are always happily ever after.


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