The Stellar Tarot “Complete by Brian Cook


“The Stellar Tarot “Complete”
This is an instructional book for people who want to create their own deck to use my system. This system is a marriage of astrology and tarot into a very unique system.


Are you interested in astrology or tarot? This is a new kind of tarot system that joins them both. You don’t need birth data any more. this system is best when you create your own deck. The system is the only one of its kind.
This book has all you need including examples in the back. If you can combine five concepts into one idea, you will be able to use my system.

Reader Review

ImageI have been a tarot reader for 26 years and have been doing Astrology readings since 1994. My teacher suggested I combine these into one system. I have done quite a lot of readings using my system including the owner of eye of the cat in long beach, CA. I do not have any reviews I can submit. I’d love to send you a copy for Kindle but not sure how that works.


It is available in paperback here:
Available for Kindle here:




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