When Dirk Dobbs, mystery writer, comes home to Deluna Island he is off duty. That is, until he finds that his beloved paradise has been invaded by walking dead men, zombies!   A merchant ship full of men who have been infected by a highly contagious virus has gone down in the bay.   The virus is deadly, but its victims do not stay dead.  The virus mutates their brains and brings them back to live as homicidal creatures who are undead.  There is no cure, only destroying the mutated brain can stop their feeding.   And, the one person who knows how to stop them is Dirk Dobbs.
What most people do not know about the successful author is that behind his quiet, scholarly facade lies the warrior instincts of a professional zombie killer! Dirk has a secret life, a life where he hunts down and exterminates zombies.   Now he is faced with his worst nightmare: Zombies at his very door.  With the help of a few friends, Dirk must quell the invasion before it destroys the pristine island and its inhabitants. 
When bodies start piling up, Dirk’s lifelong friend and County Medical Examiner, Dr. Randall Durham does his best to keep the victims on ice.  But, one victim, a teenage girl, does not look like a zombie kill.  She has been murdered.  In the face of the infestation, Dirk and Randall are faced with solving the crime, all before Deluna Island erupts into panic.
From Deluna Island in the Gulf of Mexico to Cairo, Egypt and back, it takes all Dirk and his friends can do to try and save the Islanders, but can they do it before the walking dead creatures devour them all?

Armed and Ready March 8, 2013

By Nikita
Format:Paperback|Amazon Verified Purchase
Zombie bay is overflowing! With characters, weapons, mystery, and zombies! Dirk Dobbs has his hands full on his small paradise island. And if you think the island is dangerous, you should try the water! I’m sure someone would like to have you for dinner. Yes book a trip to Deluna Island…one way only…you wont be needing your return ticket! Prepare to go into this read open minded and leave this read zombie minded. Get ready, arm yourselves, they are coming! But from where? Wait and see in book 2.
Gloria Snodgrass (New Milford, Connecticut United States) – See all my reviews
Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

I just finished reading Zombie Bay and have to say I loved it. Would love to vacation there, lol, it sounds beautiful. And the characters are wonderful and fun to read about. Hope there is more from Dirk. Would love to see more of his escapades.

Great book, February 4, 2013

Amazon Verified Purchase(What’s this?)

Great read by a new author.. The story draws you in and keeps you guessing. I can’t wait to see what happens to my friends..Good Job

This review is from: Zombie Bay: A Dirk Dobbs, Zombie Hunter, Mystery (Paperback)

I am always skeptical with new authors but, I am a huge zombie fan, so I decided to try it. GREAT READ! I am only half way through but this is a huge page turner. Stayed up half the night could not put it down. I highly recommend Zombie Bay. Where has this writer been all my life? 

ImageThe Author:
Isadora  Katz is not your typical Sci Fi author.  She is a visually impaired mother and grandmother who never expected to write about zombies.  Her husband inspired her with the idea while she was struggling to come up with a subject for a novel contest.  He gave her a few books on the subject and she was off and running. 
“Writing about a subject so far removed from the reality of everyday life gave me the push that I needed.  It fired my imagination and creativity like nothing had done before.”   Before she knew it she had created this tiny island off the coast of the Florida Panhandle and a whole cast of characters.  She admits that the main characters are compilations of personalities of some of the people who are close to her.  “But, they are all different in most ways, from the real person. ”   The main character, Dirk Dobbs, started as a joke, an alter ego of her husband, but that is where it ends.    Despite the fact that he gave her all her tactical and weaponry information, her husband is not a zombie hunter!
Isadora lives near Atlanta, Georgia and is an avid reader and has been writing, seriously, since 2007.
The sequel to “Zombie Bay” is in the works and is expected to be available by Christmas 2013.
Zombie Bay is available at Amazon.com and on Kindle, as well as createspace.com and ebay.com
Isadora Katz is on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/isadora.katz

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