The Enigma: Mystery of Christ by Leslie Welch

ImageThe Enigma: Mystery of Christ was inspired by the Word of GOD and is a disclosure of divine truth about Jesus Christ. Despite the fact that prophets of GOD wrote about him as they were inspired by the Holy Spirit, to many he still remains a mystery. Having a relationship with him leads to the gradual discovery of who he is, because he reveals himself to his friends. This is a mystery that has been hidden since the foundation of the world but is now fully revealed.
After centuries since the veil was torn away in the temple, a veil still remains over the eyes of some. When the veil has been removed from the heart of some believers as to the identity of Jesus Christ the walls of partitions that separate us by denominations can be removed. This will result in the glorious church and the one new man.
The author was inspired to write by the Spirit of GOD. This will challenge many about the relationship and synergy of the Father , Son, and Holy Spirit. Each reader will find new insights about varied topics and be taken on a spiritual journey of discovery about Jesus Christ.

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