The AL-EX Project (Alternative Existence) by C M Donaldson

The AL-EX Project (Alternative Existence) Testing the limits of dream control has been described as science fiction in its lightest form.  I’m pleased to say that I have two reviews on it already (which is great since it’s only been published this past four weeks), saying that it is an enlightening, well-researched and enjoyable read with comical additions.  I turned it into a bit of an adventure with experimentation, testing theories, and seeking answers via the dream state in a credible tale that leads the main character, Alex, into dangerous territory.
The interpretation of dreams has been an enigma since time began. What if there was a means to fully understand your dreams? What if you could re-enter your dreams at will? And what if you could manipulate them?
Alex, has suffered nightmares all his life, ever since he lost his parents at the tender age of 11.
Now an adult, and married to Kayj, his university sweetheart, still haunted by his dreams and night-terror experiences, along with his scientist mentor, they have discovered a way to travel through dreams, feeling that answers can be found in the dream state.
Desperate to explore this other realm, is Alex exposing himself to something deep, dark and dangerous?
I’m not sure
The AL-EX Project is available in Kindle form as well as paperback.



Couldn’t put the book down until I’d read it from cover to cover – a fantastic read especially if you ever wonder about your dreams. I was laughing, sad, pitying and willing things to happen – very well researched, and loved the Author’s comical additions. Enough said, – READ IT – you will love it.

If you have ever been curious about the power of the subconscious mind, how it works and how it plays a part in our dreams, this is the book for you. CM Donaldson is the author of a new way of seeing the existence of an alternate world in this story of a man who made his life’s work an investigation of the meanings of dreams and how they can serve him no matter how weird or impossible his visions became while in a dream state. The symbolic clues lie within the long hours in a lab while Alex is asleep and dreaming, hooked up to probes while the Scientist is able to record the dream on a monitor. Fascinating! I have always been interested in the reason we dream and have studied Carl Jung’s theories that spoke to dreams being metaphors and or symbolic expressions coming directly from the subconscious mind as a disclosure that can be applied to waking states. The AL-EX Project uncovers the life of Alex during his obsession with the research and study of an alternate existence and reveals the calamity and his reactions to the anguish that implanted itself in his waking existence. CM Donaldson writes in conversational British speak, which is appealing and sincere. Before the 5th chapter you are in the story without realizing it is fiction. But it is science fiction with a soft sense of reality. The surprise ending gave me the chills all over my body. Great read!
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