Southern Bones by A J Brown




ImageWelcome to the South. Recognized for its traditions, beliefs and hospitality. The people are genuine and a helping hand and a home cooked meal are never too far away.

Welcome to the South. Where some traditions are better off forgotten. Where some beliefs are based, not on the Bible, but on what men want you to believe. Where behind the hospitable smiles are angry snarls trailed by the feral snaps of rabid people.

Welcome to the South. Where a house stands lonely on a hill, its owner a man deformed by life. Where children aren’t quite as naïve as they appear. Where the darkest secrets are found within its families, and where dying sometimes isn’t the end.

Welcome to Southern Bones, a collection of eleven short stories from the mind of A.J. Brown.




Review Quotes:




“All in all, this is an excellent collection of stories that explore the themes of abuse and retribution in The South. The diverse cast of characters assures there is something for everyone and while there is definitely darkness inherent in these tales, the pages are not splattered with gore. Some stories are longer than others, but this is a perfect mix-up for horror readers on-the-go.”




“I found this collection to be along the same leagues of other great horror collections and definitely a book I’d read again. Granted, I’m not quite sure that Southern Bones can be classed entirely as horror, because it is unlike any horror book I’ve ever read, but there are definitely moments where you get that chill running up your spine and it feels like something is watching you…


Southern Bones is definitely a book worth reading, especially if you enjoy something different. Sure, it’s a collection and yes it’s a collection of stories by the same author, but it is a well-written book that somehow makes even the most reluctant of folks (a.k.a. me) want to travel to America, just to experience a part of the South…”




ImageAuthor Bio:




AJ Brown is a storyteller who pens emotionally charged/character driven stories that often include a touch of dark paranormal. His work has received such honors as a Pushcart nomination, and editor’s choice for Issue #12 of Necrotic Tissue. Bards and Sages Quarterly, Liquid Imagination, and SNM Horror are a few of the literary zines where his stories can be found.

Above all else, AJ is a husband and father of two beautiful children who not only support his creative endeavors, but also provide inspiration (sometimes in rather unexpected ways).

If you’d like to learn more about AJ Brown’s life and work, visit his blog: Type AJ Negative. However, beware, AJ is a unique mixture of strawberry Kool-aid drinking redneck and traditional values Southern gentleman. 




Type AJ Negative (Blog/Website):





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