GRABBING YOUR DESTINY BY THE HORNS : Finding Your Place in Life by William Gabienu

ImageDiscover the keys to living out the dreams of your heart in this riveting masterpiece by author William Gabienu: Grabbing Your Destiny by the Horns: Finding Your Place in Life.

This book unveils to you your uniqueness and tremendous strengths and abilities as an individual. It also exposes to you the blueprints you require to start living out your dream and purposeful life.
GENRE: Religiuos/Motivational
William Gabienu is a highly sought-after and respected Christian educator as well as a motivational speaker. He strongly believes that God has wonderful plans for all He has created, and this forms an integral part of his ministry and message. Gabienu’s desire is to see men everywhere living out their God-given lives fully. He lives currently in Italy.

This book is really my cup of tea. I love the philosophy behind it, not dwelling in your past and make sure you are aware of your goals and go after them no matter what. The book offers a spiritual guidance on how to make the most of your life and become the person you want to be. The message is written in a clear language, unlike many books on self-help and self-improvement which can be hard to translate into your own life.
The book can be very useful for both religious Christians and others. The author is trying to explain how God has a plan for you, but if the reader is not religious the book is nonetheless a very useful tool to realize your goals.
The book is well written and makes you think about your position in life. I recommend the book for everyone.
Thank you author !

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