Mars Rising-Illustrated Edition By Mark David Major

ImageMars Rising-Illustrated Edition
By Mark David Major, Illustrations by Jonathan Atkins
Science Fiction/Fantasy
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In our distant future, a tale of things past… 


Humanity is isolated in its corner of the universe. The Sovereignty is an oligarchy ruling the planets and outposts in our solar system. It has endured for 1,000 years. But the foundations of its society are crumbling, eaten away by corruption, excess, and personal ambition. A struggle for dominion of the Sovereignty leads to the ascension of supreme power for one whose eventual fall will plunge the Sovereignty into chaos and civil war. 


Narrated from the perspective of a historian looking back on events that occurred many years ago, Mars Rising blends together the story and history of a distant future in a gripping drama that chronicles the epic people and events, plots and betrayals, instigating the fall of the Sovereignty and the rise of an Empire. Mars Rising is a fast-paced, character-driven political thriller in the science fiction setting of our future, now with illustrations by Jonathan Atkins.

Author Bio

ImageMark David Major is the author of Mars Rising,The Persistence of Memory and Other Plays, and Actors Editions of The Persistence of Memory, The Truth of Glances, and Song of My Childhood. He has published in several different venues including academia, professional journals, newspapers, and poetry magazines for more than twenty years. Most recently, his poem ‘Purchased Inertia’ appeared in the February 2011 issue of The View From Here Magazine. His poems also appeared in the anthologies On the Wings of Pegasus, Patterns of Life, Visions, Whispers, and the German e-journal, Poems Niederngasse. He was born and raised in St. Louis. Mark is a graduate of Clemson University and University College London. He lived in Europe during the 90s but has resided in Florida for the last decade.

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