The Magenta Man by Jodi Cardine


What will be the consequences when a thirty-eight-year-old wife and mother of three seeks to fulfill her secret sexual desires in the arms of a man she’d had a crush on twenty years ago? The Magenta Man explores the consequences of Katie Duncan’s ultimate betrayal during the year she spent on the planning committee for her high school reunion with hunky Mark Sabatino. Although happily married to Glen for 15 years, she struggles with her intimate relations with him—at least in comparison to the ideal lover her co-workers have dubbed The Magenta Man. Reunited at the out-of-town planning committee meetings,

Katie and Mark soon realize these getaway weekends have much more to offer than merely planning a reunion as they selfishly indulge in a variety of guilty
pleasures, unleashing and feeding their hidden desires. Yet, in the end, the devastating fallout causes tempers to flare, strains relationships to the near
breaking point, and tests tender psyches, resulting in a dénouement of infinite compassion and divine forgiveness.
Author Bio: Jodi Cardin received an A.A. in Liberal Arts and General Studies, both with honors from Oakland Community College.  She enjoys daily exercise, reading, creative writing, fine arts and world travel.  In 2009, her first children’s book, Bernice’s Bad Hair Days, was published.  Her story entitled “Words to Live By” was a runner-up for the Chicken Soup for the Soul:  Children with Special Needs edition (2007).  This is her first novel.  She currently lives in her hometown state of Michigan with her husband and two children, after having spent some time in California, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. You may contact her via email at

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