Soul Hostage by Jeffrey Littorno


Do you think evil is always easy to recognize?

During a robbery, two small-time criminals take a hostage. The old man turns out to be
much more than expected and could hold the key to a big score. But as things begin to
spin out of control, it becomes clear that nothing is as simple as it first appeared.

“I am hoping for your assistance in restoring the balance in the universe.”
I was unsure for a moment whether he was being serious. Once it became obvious he was,
a huge laugh erupted from my throat. Not the happy kind of laughter. This was colder and
harder than that.
In an instant, Stoaffer was no longer leaning against the wall. He was close to me with his
face only inches from mine. I never saw him move, but somehow he did. The old man was
close enough for me to smell peppermint on his breath and also a not so pleasant odor, the stink of rotting things. His lips rolled back in a snarl. His face appeared sharper and more threatening than moments before.

Right then, I was more scared than I had ever been.

About the Author

ImageJeffrey Littorno spent several years as an English teacher in the United States before taking his  teaching skills to other countries including Kuwait, Australia, and South Korea. He now lives in Northern California with his wife Gye Yeol and a growing number of cats. When not working on his next novel, Littorno teaches prison inmates in Folsom, California. Jeffrey Littorno is the author of Bloom’s Desk, Soul Hostage, and the upcoming Stone Cold.


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