An Army of Angels by Norma Beishir


An Army of Angels

Alex Stewart is a gifted painter. He’s also a clone.

Abruptly abandoned by his devoted mother, estranged from his brilliant scientist father, he returns to the US from Paris after his father’s death to settle the estate. Only then does he learn the truth about himself…and it changes his life irrevocably. He becomes a nomad of sorts, isolated, always on the move, searching for answers about his existence and his ultimate fate. But when he meets Robyn Cantwell, he finally finds love.

Now, to have a future with her, he has to find to find the only man who can answer all of his questions: his genetic twin, the man from whom he was cloned.

An Army of Angels is a sequel to Chasing the Wind.




ImageAbout the Author

Norma Beishir is the author of sixteen novels–five published by Berkley Books, nine Silhoutte romances under her “Toni Collins” pseudonym, and two self-published originals. Last year, she released three of her Berkley Books as ebooks (two with her original titles). She’s currently working on the full-length version of An Army of Angels; a nonfiction book about her parakeet, Sam; two romantic comedies; and an erotic romance co-authored by her partner in crime, William Kendall, under the pseudonyms Scarlett Martin and James Morgan. She might actually finish one of them this year!


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