Loveless in the Nam by Jim Boersema

ImageWar Veteran and Former Army Journalist Releases Contemporary Fiction
Novel, Loveless In The Nam

Lt. Frank Loveless is an anti-hero and self-centered jerk.  A craven
coward and womanizer, he always lands on his feet and comes out of every
situation, no matter how dire, being awarded yet another metal and honor.
Accompany him in his combat adventures – or misadventures – is this novel
that’s unlike other sober fiction or serious memoirs about the Vietnam

Although it revolves around a serious war, this story doesn’t reveal a
deep message of good vs. evil or make a mature man out of the main
character.  It portrays how a self-centered screwball is thrown into the
jungles of war, surrounded by blood and gore, and yet survives unscathed
time after time due to cowardice and incredible luck.

Frank Loveless’ inexplicable ability to bed any woman he wants often lands
him in hot water – like getting his orders switched from a cushy desk job
to infantry grunt. Yet he somehow continues to come out on top, being
awarded medals and accolades and being recognized by no less than the
President.  Follow Frank Loveless and his service in the Vietnam conflict
as a 2nd Lieutenant in Jim Boersema’s novel – Loveless in the Nam.

“An engagingly flawed protagonist and a grounded sense of reality make
Boersema’s novel a smooth, fitfully thoughtful entertainment.” – Kirkus

Loveless in the Nam is available in both print and ebook formats.

About The Author:
ImageJim Boersema was recently a communications director of Hawaii Governor
Neil Abercrombie, and a former U.S. Army journalist. After leaving active
duty in 1980, he became a public relations executive, and worked in
corporate communications and politics for nearly 30 years.

He was drafted into the U.S. Army after graduating from Michigan State
University with a degree in journalism. He served in various countries
over a period of years, including as an infantryman in Vietnam.

Contemporary Fiction Novel Available For Review

For review copies contact:

Jim Boersema

Book Information:
Loveless In The Nam
Author: Jim Boersema
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing
ISBN: 978-1434911766
Pages: 212


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