Rosemary’s Beach by Linda Heavner Gerald

51O9-5y8N3L._SY346_PJlook-inside-v2,TopRight,1,0_SH20_Rosemary Beach is a love story like no other. Rosemary comes from a hard working family which like so many others today was a broken one. As a child, Rosemary was extremely creative; her tales will cause deep laughter. Already married once to a man who was unfaithful; she finally meets the man of her dreams. Their wealthy lifestyle is like a reverie to her. The biggest blessing though is not any of the “things” but a much unexpected gift that she could have never imagined. With the blessing comes a loss. As happy as the gift makes her, the loss is unbearable. The ending is so surprising that you may want to read Rosemary Beach. “Rosemary’s Group” may be an example of healing that others could create. God is her Rock and remains such through the entire book. You will laugh at Lucy, cry with Rosemary and dream of a life such as hers.





MyAuthorPhotosx4Linda Heavner Gerald is currently retired and lives with her husband on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in the winters and the delightful town of Blowing Rock, N.C. in the summers. The year 2012, Linda started writing. First was a children’s book: Dusty the Island Dog. True tales of a couple of island dogs which lived in Abaco, Bahamas. There is a base of truth to the stories but since the dogs are able to talk with each other, there is also much fiction. The laughter of Linda’s only grandson when she told him these tales, convinced her that they were worth telling.

Beaufort Betrayal, her first Contemporary Christian book is a joy to read. This Mystery/Thriller will “sail” you away on the Bermuda Hinckley which the protagonist of the story, Tory, loves. As you are caught in a web of lies and deceit, you will find it difficult to tell who is lying and who is actually true. All of Linda’s books contain reference to God. She knows that this gift of writing is from Him. You will fall in love with the tale of a sleepy coastal town as well as the charm of Palm Beach, Wrightsville Beach and Blowing Rock. What a wonderful way to travel.

Rosemary Beach is also a Contemporary Christian, Mystery/Thriller. The romantic tale of an older wealthy man and an insecure nurse will delight you. As you laugh at the maid, Lucy, you will thrill to the love of this story. Just as in life, nothing is perfect; the reader is soon faced with a jilted x-lover whose main goal has become to destroy and discredit Rosemary. You will desire to visit the beautiful Rosemary Beach, Florida. In this story, you are transported to Macon, Georgia as well as Linville, N.C. Sailing to Savannah, Georgia and Hilton Head will encourage you to clean those barnacles from your ship. Most of all, see the result of including God in your plans each day. Happy sailing but more importantly, happy reading.



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