New Trends in Alzheimer Care by Beverly Moore

image003altHow Do You Find the‘Spirit Within’ When dealing With Alzheimer’s?

Since my book Matters of the Mind … and the Heart, the trend toward care of people with Alzheimer’s has shifted from mainly finding a cure to a focus on improving quality of life for both the person with the disease and the caregiver.

I became a caregiver this past decade. It is quite different being a family caregiver to teaching other families how to manage relationships throughout the caregiving journey. Some of those lessons were featured in Matters of the Mind.

This book continues telling many more lessons I have learned and it is a highly personal account. The hope is that those reading it will be encouraged that they are giving, or have given, the best possible care they could. Caregiving is wrought with varying, strong, and often surprising emotions. We must forgive ourselves for being human.

New Trends in Alzheimer Care: Finding the spirit within offers new insights into caring for loved ones with Alzheimer’s.

About the Author: Beverly Moore is a nurse, family therapist, educator and a caregiver. She has over 50 years of experience caring for people and their families, either hands-on caring as a nurse or coaching in ways to ease the caregiving journey. She became interested in improving life for people with a cognitive disorder while developing a community-based mental health program for a homecare agency in the early 1990s. Families were seldom given practical information on how to care well for their family member at home. In 1999, she launched a service to address that problem. Her company StilMee is still serving families in Massachusetts and around the country by phone.

NEW TRENDS IN ALZHEIMER CARE: FINDING THE SPIRIT WITHIN (Kindle ISBN: 978-1-62516-318-9, ePub ISBN: 978-1-62516-319-6) is available for $9.99 at:
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One thought on “New Trends in Alzheimer Care by Beverly Moore

  1. Hi GLynis and Beverley – this sounds a wonderful book – and I hope many buy it .. I was lucky with my mother and my uncle both thankfully were seriously ill but without dementia … however I see Dementia when I still visit the Nursing Centre, and my mother was extremely interested .. good luck with spreading the word and offering support to others .. Hilary


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