Beaufort Betrayal by Linda Heavner Gerald

T51202E-Hw2L._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_AA300_SH20_OU01_he mental abuse, which Tory suffers from Jack, is so skillfully carried out that she remains in denial until it escalates to violence. Lies and deceit become so common in her life that she finds it impossible to distinguish the truth. Each day presents challenges to her ability to triumph over the evil web of lies which surround her. At that point, she is able to protect herself by imploring the strength that had always been there to guide her. Her love for sailing surprises her by being the very act that saves her life. The setting of Beaufort, NC is the perfect coastal town for this drama of a woman who is faced with hardships which would break most. To endure betrayal at the hands of the very person whom she should have been able to trust creates a woman of strength and real beauty.



How can someone stay in an abusive relationship?  Someone asks daily.  This small book demonstrates how this can occur.  Linda Heavner Gerald weaves the story as you watch hopelessly the downward spiral of Tory.  Often there is more than one abuser as is the case in this book.  Be careful of criticism; the pain for the abused is overwhelming.  Linda’s attempt to foster hope and action may be the catalyst for someone to save themselves and maybe their children.

From the Author


Beaufort Betrayal was my first Mystery/Thriller.  It all started from a vision which I would experience each evening.  Just before sleep, I would see a young woman whom I knew was not me.  She was walking down a street in front of the marina which I recognized as the one in Beaufort.  This young woman was troubled but did not seem to be in imminent danger.  Seeing the boats, marina and Spouter’s restaurant I was sure that it was my beautiful Beaufort.  Since I have sailed there often, the familiarity was comforting.  The vision would end and I would fall asleep.  After months, I finally got on my knees and asked God what he wanted me to do with this recurring thought.  The result is Beaufort Betrayal.  Although the writing is not the best, I search for improvement but the love with which it was written is very real.  If this book could help just one person in an abusive relationship, I would be so happy and that is my request to our heavenly Father.
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Linda Heavner Gerald is currently retired and lives with her husband on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico in the winters and the delightful town of Blowing Rock, N.C. in the summers. The year 2012, Linda started writing. First was a children’s book: Dusty the Island Dog. True tales of a couple of island dogs which lived in Abaco, Bahamas. There is a base of truth to the stories but since the dogs are able to talk with each other, there is also much fiction. The laughter of Linda’s only grandson when she told him these tales, convinced her that they were worth telling.



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