Mine to Avenge by Kerry Letheby

Mine to Avenge
by Kerry Letheby


When Alcandor is blamed for the tragic death of his friend’s sister in Greece in 1940, little does he know of the repercussions this will have for him and his family for the next seventy years. Unable to forgive himself, and wanting to give his young family a new start, Alcandor leaves Greece and brings his family to settle in the Riverland of South Australia in 1948. Although Greece and his past are far behind him, Alcandor harbours a terrible secret and he remains a fearful man.

AlcandoHI RES PREVIEW - MINE TO AVENGE - COVER 2r subdues his fear, and he and his family adapt to an idyllic life of freedom and opportunity. However, eighteen years after leaving Greece, Alcandor learns that his past has caught up with him. His family needs to know the truth, but circumstances tragically intervene before he can warn them.

Years later, Alcandor’s sons show signs of odd behaviour hinting at possible mental instability, before disappearing without a trace. And in the next generation, Alcandor’s grandson exhibits the same strange behaviour not long before he is killed in the tragedy of September 11, 2001. It is not until 2010 that Alcandor’s great- granddaughter, Alethea, discovers that there is far more behind her family’s tragic history than mental illness, and little does she know that the threat against her family is much closer than she realises, and very far from over.

kletheby120925-0008Kerry Letheby

The origins of my writing are deeply rooted in my childhood years. I had little in common with my peers and was a loner by nature, but never lonely. I lived in the school library and found most of my friends within the pages of books.
Books were my way of escape. They gave me an opportunity to be brave as I lived the lives of other characters. I eventually began creating my own imaginary worlds and writing my stories down. I developed a particular love for historical fiction, and I also loved stories in which the characters demonstrated inspirational courage.
When I left school, I badly wanted to be an artist or writer, but my well-meaning father told me that these choices weren’t real career choices and wouldn’t pay my rent. He encouraged me to become a teacher instead. I taught for some years in both the public and private sectors, having my three sons during this time.
I then took on the role of home-schooling mother for four years, followed by a stint as a pastoral care worker, a lengthy career phase in mental health and then a short term contract in aged care in the respite sector. I now work full-time as Case Manager in a Parenting After Separation program.
I am devoting more time to the creative pursuits that have been on the backburner for many years, such as calligraphy, and also my writing. Mine to Avenge began simmering away on that backburner in 2001, and has been on the boil since January 2010, so overall it’s been a slow road to publication. I am currently working on the sequel/companion volume to Mine to Avenge.

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3 thoughts on “Mine to Avenge by Kerry Letheby

  1. This sounds like quite a story.

    Kerry, reading what brought you into writing strikes a chord. I think so many of us find better places in a book as children than we do the world around us.


  2. Thanks so much, William. I know I’m certainly not unique in this regard. I’ve heard and read the same thing said many times by other authors and particularly avid readers.


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