Bu Ku Kilo by Art De Groot

bukukiloBu Ku Kilo provides a projected glimpse into the lives of army vets as
they fought and died in a controversial bloody conflict that took the
lives of over a million Vietnamese people and 58,000 American soldiers. In
the end, America left in disgrace.

Although the soldiers fought valiantly and repelled and destroyed tens of
thousands of the Viet Cong (VC) and North Viet Nam Regulars (NVA), in the
end our political will crumbled Nixon just got us out. It was a sad coming
home for most vets and even now 44 years later the scars are still

“Read my story. You will be enlightened at the events that took place. It
may help you understand or get over your cross you may still be carrying
on your bleeding shoulders. That conflict called Nam,” Bu Ku says.

About The Author

Art De Groot was born in North West Iowa in 1942. He earned an Associate’s
Degree in Electronic Technology in early 1963 from DeVry Technology
School. In 1965, Art was drafted into the US Army. Arthur was then given
orders and shipped to Viet Nam in September of 1967, with a rank of E-3.
This is the setting for Bu Ku Kilo.

After Viet Nam he was discharged from active duty and joined his wife, Joy
and daughter Tammy in Seal Beach California. They soon had two little boys
named Randy and Kevin. Art worked as an electronic technition for National
Cash Register for a couple of years followed by a 40 year career in Real
Estate as a broker, property manager and a developer in Orange County
California. Presently he is retired but still operates a small residential
rental operation.

Art and his wife Joy and their Golden Retriever Patience, can be observed
frequently at Upper Peters Canyon regional Park having their early morning
walks as their home of 35 years is nearby. They also enjoy traveling in
their class A motor home named the “Outlaw.”

They enjoy traveling the Pacific Northwest and to the Midwest yearly as
well as their yearly summer vacations with the family.

For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact the
author at:

Art De Groot
E-mail: joy1art2@cox.net
Website: http://www.bukukilo.com

Bu Ku Kilo
Author: Art De Groot
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 978-1477269664
Published: October 2012
Pages: 96


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