Died on the Vine by Joyce Harmon

1996 – dial-up internet, car phones! Tech pioneer Cissy Rayburn loves the new technology that brings the world to her fingertips and allows her to be a contract software manual writer from her home nestled in the vineyards of the Virginia countryside. She’s left the fast lane with her retired government bureaucrat husband Jack, and they’ve turned their summer place into a winery.

But the past intrudes on their idyllic thoroughly modern country life when Colonel Obadiah Winslow comes to call. Winslow, famous (or notorious) for his belief that countless soldiers were left behind in Vietnam to rot in commie prisons, tells Cissy that he believes that her first husband Jimmy, reported KIA thirty years ago, is still alive. Cissy’s not buying it – but could it be true?

Three days later, Winslow is dead in the vineyard, stabbed with Jack’s pruning shears. Cissy is sure that Jack didn’t do it, but can she convince the sheriff? And if Jack didn’t do it, who did?

Readers can find Cissy’s continuing adventures in the sequel to Died On The Vine, Bidding on Death.


Joyce Harmon is a retired Navy officer with degrees in Psychology and Information Systems. Since retiring from the Navy, she has worked as a winery tour guide, a journalist for a local newspaper, selling collectibles on eBay, and making candles.
Joyce blogs at http://joyceharmon.wordpress.com/


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