Yellow Vengeance by Liz Bugg

“Once again, Liz Bugg delivers an intricately
textured mystery full of twists and strange clues that
kept me guessing until the very end. A truly queer
Toronto mystery.” — Farzana Doctor, author of Six
Metres of Pavement

“From gut-splitting laughter to choke-back-tears
sadness, Liz Bugg plumbs the whole range of
emotion in this original, page-turning mystery.”
— Robin Spano, author of Death’s Last Run

“A classic mystery with a tenacious and loveable
private investigator at its heart—and a modern and
moving meditation on the meanings of love,
relationships and family.”
— Shawn Syms ed. of Friend. Follow. Text #storiesFromLivingOnline

The third Calli Barnow mystery celebrates
family: lost, found, chosen, and unexpected. Calli
faces her most difficult challenges yet, confronting
the unthinkable, armed only with
the love of her friends and her own
inner resources.

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