Knight of the Dixie Wilds by K Meador

No period in the history of the United States of America forms a field so rich with chivalry, romance and drama as the years between 1865 and 1870, the so-called days of the reconstruction of the South, during which period the Nation was born again and started on its climb to the top rung of power among the nations of the world.
The Tyler family relocates from Mississippi to Texas for a new start after having to give up their plantation and over one hundred slaves as a result of the War Between the States.
Buck Tyler, also known as The Knight of the Dixie Wilds, is tested in courage, strength, loyalty, endurance and love. Facing hardships, deception, enemies, prison, and death, the years of reconstruction takes a toll on his energy, body and faith.
Buck finds himself in love with two different women. Maggie, the dark skinned woman of his childhood and Kate, the delicate girl-child he found lost in the woods.
Would he stand firm through the scenes of bloodshed, disappointment, and sorrow? Would he stand the acid test and, in the end, find victory, peace, and happiness? Or would he weaken in the strenuous struggle ahead and fall ingloriously?
A harrowing adventure, based on true events, that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat and thinking upon days past…

Buck descended from the tree, placed a supply of ammunition in his pockets, strapped on his pistols, and hastened to meet the fair lady. Taking a circuitous route in order to see that May was alone before he approached her, he was soon within a hundred yards of the place he had seen her. He halted and listened for a minute. All was quiet, save for the chattering of several squirrels further down the swamp.
He recognized this as a warning of the fact that something out of the usual had alarmed them. After looking and listening for another moment, he decided that it was probably an owl or hawk that had caused the alarm. He moved on; slowly, and cautiously.
Soon, he saw May riding slowly toward the North, looking anxiously in every direction. Yes, he said to himself, she is looking for me and looks more beautiful than she did when I saw her before.
He figured that if she kept the course she was going, she would miss the place where he was standing by fifty yards. After satisfying himself that she was alone, he walked out into the open and, catching her eye, beckoned to her.
She smiled, raised her hand above her head, and waved three times in answer to his salute. Buck, ever watchful for signs of danger, wondered why she had waved three times.
May, with a smile like the rising sun, cantered up, dropped the reins, and extended her arms in invitation to Buck to help her dismount.  When he advanced to the side of the horse, she fell into his embrace, placed both arms around his neck, and cried, “Oh, Achilles, I am overjoyed to meet you again. It was so good of you to find me. I have thought of you every hour since we parted.
‘Let’s gather a lot of this soft gray moss, make a deep, downy cushion, and sit down and talk, and talk, and talk. There is much I want to tell you and so much that I want to hear from your lips. It is gloriously good to be alone with you again; just you and I and the silent wild woods.”
As these romantic sentences flowed from her smiling lips, she snuggled closer to Buck. Her voluptuous breath came warm against his cheek as she kissed his lips. Dreamily, speechless, and resistless, he felt himself yielding to the hypnotic spell.
Suddenly, a flock of jaybirds nearby sounded a sharp warning. Buck knew the alarm signals of these feathered rangers of the forest.
Quickly disengaging himself from the girl’s arms, he stepped on top of a high log, listened, and looked. A deer came bounding from the thicket in the vicinity of the jaybirds. Beyond the low brush, Buck saw brass buttons sparkling in the sunlight. Negro soldiers were approaching fast from three directions.
With fire in his eyes, he shot a look at May Castle and uttered one word, “Traitor!”
Dashing through the open sector of the circle which was fast being formed about him by the soldiers, he ran swiftly into the swamp. A hail of bullets whined about him. One clipped the crown of his hat. Another grazed the bone of his left leg below the knee. Still another flattened against the barrel of one of his pistols.

 American Post Civil War Historical adventure and romance. Based on true events.
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Author Bio:
Born in Jacksonville, Florida and raised in Texas since I was four years old, K-Trina Meador is the youngest of five children. Growing up in Cross Plains, Texas and being raised on a seventy acre farm gave me an appreciation for country life and the small town community. She has two grown sons.

She enjoys hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving, photography and aviation. She is currently traveling from state to state working as an aircraft mechanic and author. Current locations include: Hawaii, Georgia, South Carolina and currently, Oklahoma.

Her first novel, Journey to Freedom, was published in April 2012. Followed by Their Journey Begins in November 2012 and Transcendence in December 2012.

K-Trina Meador


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