The Statue by L M Boelz

After receiving a mysterious message Gerard is left with more questions than answers concerning the wellbeing of his friend. Gerard could not see any reason for staying where he was, as yet another leak letting the dismal storm outside drip relentlessly on the floor next to him. Just another reminder of how unfair life has been for him. Gerard hopes he is not setting off on what he fears to be more of a rescue mission than a visit.Gerard’s concern over the welfare of his friend continues to grow, when on his arrival he is nowhere to be found. There is no trace of his friend only a journal talking of unspeakable terrors and creatures scratching at his window at night. The journal goes on to speak of mysterious phantoms he fears mean to kill him in revenge for a heinous crime he alludes to.During his search near the bogs, Gerard finds himself caught up in a nightmare scene. Gerard stares in disbelief at a great winged creature. Is this a dream brought on by the entries in the journal? Gerard is not sure he wants to find out.

Author Bio

L M Boelz a proud mother of two children and three grandchildren has had a fascination with legends and stories told around campfires since she can remember. She was always the first one to jump up and offer a chilling tale of what is really hiding in the shadows. After being asked by several people if she ever planned on writing a book; she decided to follow her passion and write down some of her stories.  Lin decided the best place to start was with one of her worst fears as a child. No matter what her parents said, she was sure there was something hiding under the bed.  Lin relates the authors havening the biggest influence on her writing to be; Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, and Sir Arthur Konan Doyle. The shows that influenced her most were; Th Twilight Zone, Outer limits and The Night Gallery.  When asked what she believed made a good story she related that she believes to keep a book interesting you have to have just the right amount of plot twist. As a reader she likes to be surprised when something unexpected happens. Lin’s favorite way to end a campfire tales is to ask; ‘Have you ever ask yourself, what if it is not just a story?’ for all other e-reader’s and pc’s



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