The Seventh Bull by Gordon Rothwell

Robert Dunne, a once respected journalist, is now a drunken hanger-on following a famous bullfighter on tour. Paco Garcia’s fans call him “The Matador Who Can’t Be Killed.” Robert hopes to get on the bestseller list with a book that will reveal the mystery of Paco’s ability to avoid “death in the afternoon.  In Tijuana, Paco fires his beautiful agent, Dolores, despite her warnings.  In a dramatic bullfight, Paco cheats death yet again and thrills the crowd.  But at a party after the fight, the matador drunkenly falls off a high diving board and breaks his neck.  Robert suspects foul play by the agent.  When he confronts Dolores, she seduces him with promises of fame—but is he willing to pay the price?
5.0 out of 5 stars Spellbinding! March 19, 2013
Format:Kindle Edition
This exotic story draws us into the glamorous, yet dark and dangerous world of the Matador. The author’s experience as a sports writer, and his fascination with the bull ring brings a chilling authenticity to the story only he could write. The Seventh Bull plays out in front of your eyes. Even though this is a short story, it would make a classic movie. A dark exposé dripping in glamour and gore. Spellbinding.

Wendy Laharnar
author-The Unhewn Stone 

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Gordon Rothwell’s blog address is:
His Twitter address is: Gordon_Rothwell

Author biography:


Gordon Rothwell was born in Seattle and got a BA in Journalism from the University of Washington. As an advertising copywriter—one of the original Mad Men— he wrote material for over 100 major firms in California, including PR for the Apollo lunar space program. He received numerous awards including a CLIO (the Oscar of advertising).

He’s also a sportswriter and screenwriter, and many of his screenplays have won and been finalists in the Motion Picture Academy’s Nicholl, Acclaim, Chesterfield, Hollywood Symposium, and FADE IN competitions. He’s published articles and stories in numerous men’s magazines as well as youth-oriented publications like BOY’S LIFE.

He enjoys the fanciful and macabre on screen and in books. Gordon now lives in the shadow of Mt. Shasta, surrounded by a loving family and one sweet pit bull named “Dreamer.”  Mr. Rothwell’s blog address is “”  And he can be contacted as “Gordon_Rothwell” on Twitter, and “Gordon Rothwell on LinkedIn and Facebook.


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  1. Thanks Glynis for showcasing The Seventh Bull on your blog. I appreciate the opportunity and support. I think you are doing a wonderful thing for a lot of writers who need exposure and help in getting their word out. My very warmest regards. Gordon Rothwell


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