The Guardian by Joshua Mumphrey
Do you believe in miracles and the mending of a broken heart through true love?

There was a time, when Melissa Rennings didn’t, the time when she lost her mother to brain cancer at only 17-years-old.

The once bushy-tailed, bright eyed teenager, was tragically turned into a responsible, burdened and longing adult overnight.

Life still went on. There wasn’t time for her heart to properly heal and for her to grieve. She had to be the guardian for her younger brother he didn’t have anymore, when their dad (the only parent they had left) drowned his own pain away in countless bottles of whisky.

Everything seemed lost; all the pieces of her life had shattered before her feet.

Could she mend those broken pieces of her life back together again, while trying to heal the emotional scars that were afflicted upon her heart?

She didn’t know…

A boy named Bobby Clayton, with a heart pure as gold, tried his best to change all that. He tried his best to make her believe again; believe in what she felt she had lost.

Their once-in-a-lifetime love would later be tested with virtually impossible situations.

Can they hold tight to each others hearts, through yet another tragedy; one that was Bobby’s fault? Can they remember the pure and beautiful feelings they shared with one another, when life’s storm’s threatenes to wash their love away?

These were questions for the desperate and destined lovers, back then, that they didn’t have certain answers to.

Melissa had a choice to make. She had to either chose the one she swore to protect or the one she promised to always love…

The choice she made changed her life forever!

Come with Melissa on her journey, as she loses and searches to find, true love; it was for her, the best medicine

Joshua Mumphrey, a former multi award-winning student journalist,

couldn’t’ think of anything else he’d rather be doing than writing
everyday fiction with soul-searching morals. He writes books that warm
and break the heart, the one’s that might change the way you look at

His second novel “The Guardian” in the (My Mother’s Journal)
collection, is a tale that is dear to his heart. He loves sharing
stories of ordinary people living extraordinary lives. He writes books
about hope, faith and love when he can, while juggling a personal
life, chores and just about everything else that comes along with
being a young adult.

Joshua is thankful for every lesson, every professor and every minute
he’s spent working tirelessly, trying to perfect his skills. He thanks
God firstly, his mother secondly and all of his professors thirdly,
for making him into the writer, photographer and graphic artist he is

“A special thanks to Rebecca Stewart, my Graphic Arts instructor.”

This young author’s days consist of writing, writing and writing some
more. He is also, a wildly published Christian columnist and his work
has been seen in Inspirational publications such as, Worth Finding,
New Identity Magazine, Youth Worker, The Daily You, The Colorful Times
Company, The Christian Online Magazine, (TDDM) Teen Daily Devotional
Ministries, Christian Examiner and Cross Walk Media Network. Other
publications that his work has appeared in are: TJC News, Piney Woods
Online and

Joshua’s life hasn’t’ always been easy and neither has learning, being
labeled as one of the “dumbest kids” in his high school class. But
now, he’s learned to transfer that negative energy into something
positive by writing his way to success!!!

He was awarded in March 2012, for being the #1 News Feature writer in
the state of Texas from (TIPA) Texas Intercollegiate Press Association
in Division 4. He served two years at his college newspaper as––
Editor-In-Chief, Editor-At-Large, Senior Features Editor, Executive
Web Editor and Staff Writer.

This author, former reporter and Christian columnist resides in Texas
with his mother, Teresa and their little Maltase Charlie.

Joshua knows, without God that none of his accomplishments could have
been within his reach. He share’s in his own words, a little bit about
why he writes and to whom he gives the glory.

“I am thankful to the Lord, to God for guiding my feet along the path
of opportunity. It is in that opportunity in which he uses my gift to
glorify his name. It is in that gift that I use to touch the hearts
and minds of those, who have a listening ear and an accepting spirit.
I pray that the works of my hands change lives and break barriers,
weakening strongholds and setting captives free. I know, I have been
blessed and I’m compelled to use what I believe, I was given and bless
someone else’s life.”


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