Hubert Shrubb takes charge’/ Sir Kevin and the Challenges by Sue Graves

When Hubert Shrubb has to leave his expensive prep school to go to the local village school, he feels that his world has collapsed. His new headteacher, Mr Cogsworthy,  seems to be as mad as a box of frogs and the kids take delight in mocking Hubert’s posh ways. The only ray of sunshine is Miss Lamb, his teacher.  One day, however, the children learn that she must leave the school and everyone is upset, none more so than Hubert.  He decides it’s time to show his amazing leadership skills and save Miss Lamb. However, he soon discovers this is much harder than he thought…


When Sir Kevin graduates from Knight School, he is very keen to find a job where he can do lots of brave and knightly deeds. One day, he spots an advertisement in the newspaper inviting knights to apply for the post of King’s Champion Knight. Sir Kevin is certain that this the perfect job for him and decides to apply for it. However, he soon discovers that actually getting the job is going to be far harder than he ever imagined… 

Sue Graves:

Sue is a qualified teacher in primary education (Cert Ed with Distinctions).  She is now a full time author of children’s books.  She has had over two hundred books published in both educational and trade markets. Her books have been sold widely in the UKand across the world in countries such as Jamaica, Australia, America, Saudi, Egypt, Germany, Poland etc. Sue writes fiction, non-fiction, poetry and plays for children from pre-school to the early years of Key Stage 3.  She has also written for SEN young people up to the ages of 19 years. 

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