Tilt by Rajendra M Shepherd

Tilting your gaze is about seeing life differently.  It allows you to change your everyday dramas from where they are now.  Today’s problems require modern reflections and so Tilt is a book of wisdoms that reference Michael Jackson, art and fame as much as love and the Divine.  This is truly a new way to rule your world where balance is key.
Author Bio

Rajendra M Shepherd is a possibility thinker, interested in the gap between the positive you aspire to and the life you see.  Over the years he has studied different forms of meditation.  He is a journalist and teacher of communication and linguistics at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago
I teach at the University of the West Indies in Trinidad and Tobago and have written a book on positive thinking.  It’s not explicitly Caribbean, but it does aim to reach out to urban youth (everywhere) and I’d love for Caribbean boys to see it.  I visited a youth prison some time ago and was buoyed by the genuine interest these young men had in self-definition (and largely that they were seeking direction).  They inspired me to write this book.

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