Cosmic Shift by C L Roth

New Middle Grade Fantasy Novel Combines Summer Fun With Space Travel,
Cosmic Shift

This follows a 13-year old boy’s summer fun turns violent when dimensional
renegades fleeing cosmic hunters burst through a hole in the sky, igniting
a chain reaction of unstable magic.

Bo Tanner and Mark Cooper are looking forward to a summer of fun.
Everything seems to be going well until the sky rips open and lets loose
all kinds of trouble. Before they know what hit them, the celestial tear
spews dimensional renegades, pursuing Hunters, and some weird guy into
Earth’s atmosphere. Everything is going crazy. There is no power, people
are changing, and then there’s the whole thing with the French fries.
Joining together with the space travelers, Bo and Mark, with a little help
from Bo’s sisters, go after the group of escaped criminals from another
world. Their only hope is to learn the secrets of the magic the skies have
unleashed. But does magic really exist, or is this some kind of wacky
dream? Can Bo save his little sister or will the world gone wild destroy
them all?

Cosmic Shift is available in print and e-book versions.

Book Information:
Cosmic Shift
Author: C.L. Roth
Publisher: C.L. Roth Publishing
ISBN: 978-0984661909
Published: November 2012
Pages: 248

About The Author:
C.L. Roth was born and raised in Kansas. She moved to IL in 1973 and is a
wife, mother, grandmother, and full time caregiver for her son, Joshua.
She is an artist, writer, and loves animals, in particular dogs.

For more information, review copies, or interviews please contact:

C.L. Roth


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