The Library Ladies and the Body behind the Library by Marie Green

When the library ladies discover the decomposing body of an ex library assistant behind their little library, they are happy to let the police investigate – well mostly. The police think the victim died accidently while planning to break into a house behind the library and scale down their investigation to find a murderer. But the library ladies know differently! With enthusiastic snooping and determination to get justice for poor Barry, the eclectic bunch set out to find out what happened with the only clues being a shopping trolley coin from Tesco and the ghost of the victim.


Author Bio:

I worked in libraries, including the ones I use in my books for 10 years. The mix of lovely, interesting and bizarre people that use our libraries have given me rich pickings for my stories. The actual library ladies on which I base my characters, are a group of lovely friends who I have know and loved for more than 20 years, and although they arent the actual characters in the books, they have helped me create the barmy bunch that are my central characters.
I also draw from my family and other friends to build the relationships in the stories and I think it is really important to make the reader smile – I was aiming for a famous five book mixed with Miss Marple for the type of stories I wanted to write, so I hope I have that right.
I found the process of writing this first book facinating; I would start writing and not know what was going to happen next, but because of my experience in the library, it just flowed and I found myself excited about what was going to happen next.
I will carry on writing now as I find myself jotting down human stories that actually happen and its easy then to change them into funny or endearing bits of life in the stories.
My real life now is working in housing and that is a very serious business, so I love to escape into the charming world of the library ladies and I hope other people do too.

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