Peter Cooper and the Pirate King by James Deacutis

 For thirteen-year old Peter Cooper nothing could ruin the start of summer and the thoughts of fun and adventure that lay ahead. Nothing, that is, until he finds himself on the menu of a centuries old madman hungering for his eternal soul.
    Raised by his aunt and uncle in their orphanage in the maritime village of Harmon, Peter grows up happy and dreaming of being a sailor. Yet after a brutal storm, Peter finds himself the target of evil machinations plotted by Bill Kyuper, the Pirate King. Long forgotten, the Pirate King returns every hundred years or so to partake in his “transfermashon,” as he calls it, a process that will rejuvenate him by absorbing the life-force of a strong, young lad.
            After his family’s house mysteriously burns down and blame is thrown at Peter, the young boy stows away on a ship and ends up on the man-made island of Pantagruel, where he’s abducted by the Pirate King and taken to his lair on Scorpion Cove. It’s there the young boy will have to fight for his life as the pirate and his minions seek to sacrifice him for Bill’s transformation. 


Author James DeAcutis left the telecommunications field to become a full-time writer. A fan of sci-fi and fantasy genres, he is also a prolific songwriter influenced by progressive, heavy metal and folk-rock. He lives in New York with his wife, a school teacher and their three children. This is his first novel.

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