As The World Ends by Marian Lanouette

Does it come down to this?

Kill or be killed.

Life’s good…or so Rob and Lauren Henderson think…Until one day, all hells breaks loose as a series of explosions levels the houses around them. The Mayan doomsday has arrived—a year late. Peaceful neighborhood now turned warzone—the earth really iscoming to an end!

Fearful of the aftermath, Rob and Lauren grab only what’s necessary to survive and head into the mountains, planning to hide out in a cave they discovered over the summer. Just until the chaos is quelled. But those plans go awry when they find their place of refuge already occupied by survival nut Roan Kline.

Roan has planned for this day for years; now all his hard work will pay off. He has built up a fully stocked survivalist cave, complete with food and weapons. He’s even set up a surveillance system that allows him to monitor his hideaway. He never planned to use it for entertainment purposes but hey, who can blame him for watching the couple who’s trespassed on him? After all, it’s his cave. And she’s hot. Fantasies of her, aka Video Girl, have gotten him through some rough times. If only he could bring her with him now, his life would be perfect.

When Rob and Roan meet, it escalates to ‘may the strongest and smartest win’…with Lauren as the grand prize. Luckily, Rob has a secret weapon in his wife. Lauren, with her courage, brains, and love, should ensure him the win. Or will it? Who has the skills to win this game? Patience, cunning, and strength—who possesses them, man or woman?
The battle for survival has begun.

In the end it comes down to three…and then there were two.

7 thoughts on “As The World Ends by Marian Lanouette

  1. Wow Marian, how do you figure the way out? Your "As the World Turns" is a real page turner, hard to put down. This is a great excerpt on Glynis' blog. Congratulations. Thank you Glynis for hosting Marian.


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