The Light by Ofer Cohen

” THE LIGHT ” is not a story, a theory or a new meditation philosophy, the light is a healing book . Prepare yourself to a spiritual journey into man existence. ’’A healing mystery which will lead you to clarity’’ is the right way to describe this unique text. ‘’ The source is light, and light is all; it’s the essence of the cycle. Light is a flowing stream contain awareness, it’s the source of all creation, the light create all dimension and manifest all living thing , the light can be seen or unseen’’ We are all one and one is all; we are all enlightened yet awaiting to be awakened. Enlightenment is a state of mind, which appears when you are able to see the truth. The truth can only be found within you.You will slowly become a witness of your own being, realizing why and how people creating their own misery; now your light can be seen ,this is the evidence of your experience with your true nature ; you fulfill your life purpose on your final destination of merging with the main stream of light. The book text will help you to unveil your inner light and lead you to a deep self-realization.


Ofer cohen is a known astrologer, tarot master and a spiritual teacher. He was born into a family known into the occult and mysticism for decades. His spiritual career started in early life with future telling through people pictures and with his hobby of making traditional herbal medicine .Until the age of 38 he was mastering tarot reading and western astrology with many TV and radio appearances. In 1999 his life dramatically change after traveling to the northern mountain region of India where he spend few years writing , reading ,teaching and studying the occult .His ability to accurately predict people lives was quickly discovered by people from all over Asia. Between his clients you will find movie actors ,TV celebs, world bankers and industrial companies who consult him regularly. He is especially known for his match making consulting and business forecasts. In some of his early news articles- 2000 to 2005 – he gave many accurate world predictions which are now taking place. Since 2007 he is the Hello magazine astrologer living and working in Thailand. His book ”THE LIGHT” is known between many spiritual seekers in Asia .The book consider as enlightenment book with the purpose of healing and contain the basic aspects of his teaching in Asia.


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