Trails of Love I Crawl by Ciaran Dwynvil

Content note: Trails of Love I Crawl is a gay erotic fantasy romance. It contains explicit sexual scenes, including BDSM elements, and may be considered offensive to some readers. All characters in the novel are of legal age.
What happens when a guardian of two young men in love is misguided in his beliefs about gay relationships and sends his charges to a reformatory? Amédée’s and Lucien’s first reactions are shock and fear but they have no other choice than to submit to their guardian’s will. Viktor, a first class impostor and the co-owner of the fearful institution is ready to subject them to all kinds of painful reformations. Or?

The story of two star-crossed lovers soon picks up the pace when Viktor realizes that he is not entirely immune to Amédée’s charms. And when High Demon Belial, the Prince of Trickery, the Lord of Lust and the Antilight, takes an interest in the innocent youths, events gather even more momentum. Are the mortals ready to walk and crawl the trails of love? And what effects will Belial’s plays have on their destinies? Find out in this epic story about the lust for life and love.

Author Bio: 

I’m an erotic literature author, writing in original fantasy world set-up. My work tends to use poetic, figurative language which is best suited for times long passed. The characters in my novels lead their own lives and I’m their happy scribe. The stories will best resonate with thoughtful readers for whom plots and character emotions are just as important (if not more) than the erotic aspect of the tales. You’ll find me and my beloved characters on a constant quest for Lust Discovery. In many forms. From sensual lust, through desire to dominate to craving for political power. We are either indulging in pleasures of our voyage of discovery or writing about it.


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