Alchemy and Evil, The Bornless One by JC Gallacher

Alchemy and Evil, The Bornless One is book one of the Worlds in Chaos series.
In the distant future, a bunch of planetary neighbours are about to be drawn into a battle with an ancient and mysterious force known only as The Bornless One whose plan threatens to tear the very fabric of time itself and throw space and time into chaos.
An old alchemist and his daughter journey across the planet Baraxia on a mission to have her accepted as his successor. On route they meet up with different people who need to leave or escape where they are for their own reasons. The strangers include a young lad with dormant mystical powers, a handsome but flawed stranger with a lizard girl and a young woman, sacrificed to die.
They face a perilous journey ahead and through their various adventures, begin to bond. As their journey continues they come to realise there is something going wrong on the planet and become embroiled with others who are involved in various struggles against increasingly tyrranical authority figures. 
During the course of their involvement, they feel like pawns in a game outwith their control and discover forces they never knew existed, including the magical proto dragon, Grindclaw Firebelly and the mysterious ‘elemental alliance’.
The future is yet unwritten and the group must battle dark forces in the shape of corrupt kings and lords, evil hybrid creatures, dangerous fire dragons, ferociously wild ‘drogs’ and The Bornless One itself to save the planet.

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