If I Fail by Marian Lanouette

Are rules really meant to be broken? Jake Carrington finds out the hard way and the answer is no! Dating Chloe Wagner was a huge mistake, and Jake should have known better—he’s investigating the murder of Chloe’s sister. 

Chloe is now the number one suspect in that murder. If she’s convicted, Jake could lose not only his rank, but his job. If that’s not bad enough, he’s got a stalker on his hands, someone who’s threatening his fledgling relationship with the lovely Mia. Things are getting just a little too personal for comfort!

Author Bio:

Marian born and raised in Brooklyn, New York is the seventh child of ten. At the age of sixteen her family moved from New York to New England. As a typical teenager, she felt her life was ruined and took to journalizing her feeling and this new life. The journal helped her realize how easily she had adapted to the change. Although, she did miss her cherished friends terribly; she’s thankful, they are still friends today. The four of them refer to each other as the cradle to the grave friends.

Unbeknown to her parents, at the age of five she started reading the New York Daily News story about the murdered nurses in Chicago and the investigation. Marian followed the story every day as authorities rushed to solve the brutal crime. It had caught her attention and her imagination. To this day she stills checks her closet before going to sleep. Marian thinks it was on that day the mystery lover was created.
At the age of eight she wrote every day, whether it be a poem, a short story or in her journal. An eighth grade assignment got her published. Though she failed the assignment, the nun was impressed with her poem. It was supposed to be a four line poem, but she couldn’t still her pen. The Beach her first official published work is still her favorite though much longer than four lines. It was the nun who submitted the poem for her to the local paper. Thus, the writer was born.
Marian’s first book If I Fail, A Jake Carrington Mystery will be released on September 7, 2012; and will be followed up in January 2013 with the second book in the series, Burn in Hell, A Jake Carrington Mystery. Each book’s a mystery with romantic elements, because to quote Marian, “Life is both mysterious and romantic.”
Marian resides in New England with her husband.


30 thoughts on “If I Fail by Marian Lanouette

  1. Hi Marian, I love mysteries. The challenge to figure out the solution based on the clues involves the reader so much more than just picking up a book to occupy time. I've definitely added the Jake Carrington novels to my TBR pile.Thanks Marian! (BTW love the cover for "Burn in Hell")KJ Montgomery


  2. I enjoyed reading. If I Fail just wished it was longer; It was easy to jump into the story and get to know the character's . I just didn't want it to endI just finished as the world ends and I loved it !Now I have to get Burn In Heel HELL DYING TO S WHAT KIND OF ADVENTURE YOU'RE TAKING ME ON THIS TIME !:)


  3. I have enjoyed both If I Fail and Burn In Hell immensely. I love murder mystery combined with a good sexy romance. Both books deliver on both!


  4. Thanks JQ, If I Fail is the first one in the series. Burn in Hell just released in January and that is the second one in the series. I look forward to hearing back from you on what you think about the stories after you read them.


  5. Loved If I Fail and just finished Burn in Hell! The books are not the usual mystery with the usual suspects. Surprises, surprises, surprises in both books. Loved them. You take me into a world making me feel like I am living the story. Great job! When is your next book coming out?


  6. Anonymous, I have a short story coming out in two weeks call As the World Ends. The next book in the Jake Carrington Mystery series will be late in the year or next year. I'm working it now. Thanks for enjoying my work. It means a lot.


  7. Hi Marian, Sorry I'm late to the party. I have to say I really enjoyed "If I Fail" but I have to say "Burn in Hell" is gripping. I love it. Congratulations on yet another success and best wishes for many more.


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